It's monday. You ride into town on Tuesday. One day passes. What day is it? Tuesday

I'm the "horse of the sea." My coat is white or grey like the sea foam, so bring your camera for a picture! Camargue

This breed says this when left in very cold weather. I'm ! Friesian

Your horse might shout this, or shout for this. Hay

I'm a souped-up horse with plenty of spirit. I'm a star jumper who really knows how to leap up from down under, and I come in every color - even Botany Bay! Australian Stock Horse

This equine coloring, mispronounced, suggests it is a friend of yours. Palomino

Don't let my name scare you. I'm not angry, although I might be a little hungry! I love a good steeplechase and I'm fast in the harness. Furioso

A horse breed and a machine. What am I? Mustang

This horse breed may live in Germany, perhaps in Hanover? Hanoverian

It's small and sharp but a horse will wear it. Tack

This animal spelled backwards is a very common destination for girls. llama

This footwear is very lucky. Horse shoe

This breed only throws half of what it's got. Haflinger

What is an Equus Caballus? Horse